Friday, October 22, 2010

Jobs at RightClick Nigeria Limited: Sales Executive

RightClick Nigeria Limited, we believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company. We rely on our people – their enthusiasm, their talent, their commitment – to maintain and build on the success of our business, even more so in today’s competitive market.
RightClick Nigeria Limited is recruiting for:
Sales Executive
• Deliver presentations of products at customer sites and at conferences and exhibitions;
• Install and demonstrate software at customer sites;
• Meet annual sales targets;
• Attend trade exhibitions and user group meetings;
• Deliver platform presentations, posters and publications at conferences;
• Maintain company’s contact management database with accurate, up-to-date contact and activity details;
• Produce monthly sales reports;
• Provide feedback from members and potential customers to enhance product performance and service delivery;
• Support product development by testing new product releases and acting as a Senior User.
• Identify and make contact with potential customers
• Respond to sales requirements from existing and potential customers;
• Maintain contact with existing and potential customers to promote sales and deliver detailed account plans;
2. Communication and Information:
• Ensure effective internal communications both within the Sales, Customer Support and Marketing team and across the organization;
• Seek to continuously improve member relations with particular regard to the provision of efficient communications to facilitate product development and issue management;
• Motivate all staff to share pertinent information about the market to facilitate the ease of recording, retrieval and use of information.
• Report to and meet with the Head of Sales at a minimum of once per month;
• Facilitate links with professional and regulatory bodies and commercial organizations;
3. Financial:
• Utilize the resources of the Sales Department for the cost effective delivery of Sales to company.
4. Market research:
• Assist in the identification of opportunities for new products and for enhancement and development of existing products;
• Monitor and report on the activities of competitors and potential collaborators and to identify business opportunities and threats;
• Understand the market in which the company operates and how the company’s products and services are used within that market;
• Identify new markets, both geographical and by industry sector, for company products;
• Ensure that company has an in depth understanding of the users of company products and their ongoing needs.

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