Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MTN Careers in Nigeria: Field Routine Engineer

Job Description
 Job Title: Field Routine Engineer
Department:Network Group
Main Duties
Compile information and report on the availability of the transmission network in line with the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Validate antenna orientations and corrections if required
Ensure routine maintenance documentation is completed and stored in the site file and soft copy on the k-drive.
Ensure security and network Integrity documentation is completed and adhered to.
Maintain a comprehensive set of records of all transmission links, BTS sites, power equipment and spares for all sites within designated area
Complete checklists and timesheets on maintenance procedures and maintain records of schedule maintenance procedures
Perform routine O&PM procedures as prescribed for Radio (2G and 3G), transmission links and Powers systems, checks on site infrastructure and any other equipment and resolve all faults on Power, BTS, NodeB and Transmission links
Perform radio and transmission antenna systems integrity test (connectors, earthing, waterproofing, supporting arm, clamps etc) Structural Test, Inventories, Power supply and Antenna Test
Monitor and rectify all environmental, radio, transmission, and internal alarm triggers

Job Conditions:
Tool of trade vehicle provided Normal MTNN working conditions. National travel and a valid drivers license. On standby 24/7 throughout the year. Overtime and the performance of call out duties are essential. Driving in high-risk areas and travelling high mileages is mandatory. Working at elevated heights and in extreme environmental conditions is a requirement. The use of safety climbing equipment while working at elevated heights is compulsory
Reporting To: Team Lead, Field Routine

Qualification & Requirements:
B.Sc Electrical/Electronics (Telecommunications)/Mechanical Engineering
2 years experience in implementation and maintenance of power and cooling systems preferably in the telecommunications industry
Experience in transmission and radio planning and climbing towers is desirable
Radio frequency propagation and radio/Micro Wave equipment installation and or maintenance.
B.Sc Electrical/Electronics (Telecommunications)/Mechanical Engineering
4 years RF & BTS, transmission and electrical experience with a GSM or Wireless Telecomm operator which includes:

How To Apply
Dead Line:
This vacancy expires on 27th October 2011

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