Friday, November 14, 2014

Vacancies at InterSwitch Limited

From an engineering standpoint, Interswitch Limited has rolled out point-of-sales applications, customized ATM flows, arbitration systems, collection systems, disbursement systems, direct-debit systems, web payment systems, retail/inventory management systems,  value-added services 
(recharge and bill payments – integrating the telcos and countless service providers, from cable TV, to airlines, to conglomerates, to government institutions…), identity management solutions and of course Verve – the Nigerian card by the Nigerian company for the Nigerian man that can do more (and potentially much more) than any other card in these parts.

This is quite a bit, spanning across 10 product clusters, 2 million lines of code processing over 2 million transactions per day peaking at about 140 transactions per second. And yet, there is so much more new stuff we are currently working on and need to work on. Therefore, we are calling on like-minded passionate engineers like you to come join us as we build the future of payments.

We’re looking for:
Job Title:  Quality Assurance Analyst/Program Manager

I am passionate about application software testing – Mobile, Web, Devices and Web Services. I love finding bugs, providing detailed reproducible steps and managing the entire quality process of a software development team. I want to use automated software testing tools to automate repetitive testable use cases, find bugs, provide detailed reproductive steps and perform scheduled regression tests. I analyze systems, provide technical documentation and pre-sales support. I love to manage multiple unrelated software development projects using best PM tools to track progress, manage stakeholder expectations and provide timely feedback. This is who I am, and this position is for me.

Job Title:   Enterprise Architect & Systems Integrator

I have the ability to see how parts interact with the whole – big picture thinking. I like data mining for predictive analysis, collective intelligence and building recommendation systems on Big Data. I am experienced with unstructured data storage and fast retrieval. I like high performance computing, high-throughout computing and many-task performance computing. This is who I am, and this position is for me.

Job Title:  Developer

I am passionate about programming. It’s the one thing I think I could do for free. Cool technologies, cooler gadgets, processing power, plenty of RAM, a clear plan, internet access, headphones and it’s a party for me! I love to take code to production… I love the ‘god’ feeling I get when I see someone served by my innovation. I want to be exposed to evolving global best practices, whet my appetite for information and work with smart people; people that understand me, are different and are changing things for potentially millions of people around the world. This is who I am, and this position is for me.

Job Title:   Operations 

I am a darned good developer but I prefer server-side scripting, learning new technologies and cobbling these tools together to make the entire process of systems administration to be, for example, a simple matter of clicking a button, recline in my chair and watch several applications deploy simultaneously to hundreds of servers. This is who I am, and this position is for me.

Job Title:   Networks

I love networking and/or internetworking and always have. After doing tons of hours of lab I am now looking for the real stuff. I love to put a network together and just watch those packets flow right through. I want to sort out the spanning-trees and undo the routing loops, blaze right through those firewall configurations and stop the wrong stuff with an intrusion prevention system. This is who I am, and this position is for me.

Job Title:   Compute and Storage

I have plenty of interest in virtualization technologies, storage infrastructure, server operating systems and software-defined networks. Essentially, I want to work with lots of technologies and build a world-class cloud, while continuously scaling it to serve businesses. This is who I am, and this position is for me.

How to Apply 
Send an e-mail with your CV attached to with the job title as the subject of  your email eg: ‘Compute and Storage’ for consideration.

For more information, visit 

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