Tuesday, February 8, 2011


1. General Manager.
      Age should be between 45 - 50yrs, should have some experience in Finance....we are looking at someone who is retired with some Finance background and will want to help put structure in place.  Others include Good Interpersonal Skills, good communication skills, ability to plan and should be willing to travel often as required...Salary range  75 - 80k monthly

2.  Admin  / HR    : Qualification: HND, at least 2yrs experience, good interpersonal, verbal and communication skills.  salary range: 30 - 35k

3. sales / marketers
Qualification; OND, 1 yr Experience, good sales techniques and ability to prioritize
Salary Range: 25 - 30k

All interested candidates should please forward their CV to mailsacious@yahoo.co.uk on or before the 14th of February


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