Wednesday, May 5, 2010

British Council: Facilities Manager (Nigeria)

British Council is recruiting for Facilities Manager based in Lagos.

The post holder will:

    * Contribute to the achievement of British Council objectives through effective and efficient planning, management, delivery and evaluation of facilities, estate, and procurement, and maintainence of an appropriate working and living environment for staff and visitors which is safe and conducive to performance.
    * Contribute to the development of BC Nigeria as an innovative and high performing country operation.
    * Model the values and principles of an integrated operation and to contribute to BC’s regional strategy.


An extensive knowledge of facilities management
A clean, successful and professional track record of work experience in procurement and facilities management

How to apply:

Read through the job description document. To help you understand and complete the application form, read through the How to complete the application and guidance for applicants documents very carefully. Download and complete the application form.

Listed within the job description document, you will find a number of listed ‘competencies’, read through the competency dictionary for an explanation of the required ‘competencies’. Evidence against those competencies will need to be provided in your application form under the ‘Evidence in support of your application’ area.

You are also required to complete the Equal Opportunity Questionnaire. Please complete both the application form and Equal Opportunity Questionnaire electronically and submit to

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